Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Welcome Desi

It has been an eventful time since we got home from Mexico.   Poor Siamese got sicker and sicker.   Sammy is gone now but we have a new member of our family.   Desi is the new Siamese King.   He is quite a handful.  He knows no bounds and we hope to keep it that way.   He is chewing on scattered papers, learning about how claws affect human skin and stacks of post-its as I try to type this. 
photo C.L.C.
photo C.L.C.

Desi may be a furry, cat, nudist.   So far this kitten has slipped off and  ditched two collars somewhere in the house.   We have no idea where they are and he isn't telling.   The missing collars coincided with his entry to the lower level where thousands of boxes, piles and storage bins attract the most surreptitious of instincts in a kitten.  Desi also has developed a propensity for cream cheese.   Just nuke a cinnamon bagel and he comes running.   The cat wants a schmear!   His affinity with cream cheese somehow also extends to yogurt.   He seems to prefer blueberry over strawberry.   The vet assured us that only about fifty percent of cats are truly lactose intolerant but, a fetid stench frequently emits from the vicinity of the base of his tail.   The bombays appear to be most prone to opening when Desi is just about to fall asleep, which he chooses to do on the nearest available lap.

Lucy has learned to deflect his frequent savage attacks.   Our nearly 20 pound Main Coon places her gigantic paw on his forehead as he tries to lever his two and a half pound body, claws extended, reach her.   These sparring matches appear comical because of the difference in size and slightly resemble the Stooges.  Woub Woub Woub, nyuk nyuk nyuk.

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  1. What a cutie! Love the picture of her climbing the door, but then she's not mine :-) Thanks for the update! Looking forward to meeting her this fall/winter.


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