Saturday, April 10, 2010


We went to a benefit for Doctors Without Airfare or something.   We were sitting at a table on a low Caribbean boardwalk along the beach watching the band.  A couple came up and leaned near us.  They were still down on the beach.   He was flashing money all over the place and fumbling around in his pockets.  She had Chinese eyes and was pretty stiff.  You know, her knees were totally locked and she had one of those store window mannequin grins pasted on her face.   This attracted my attention totally.  Banged up drunk and about $1500 US floating around.  Hello!  He went off to buy another round.  She staggered over to a beach chair and collapsed.   That left their pathetic pile of plastic shopping bags, broken sea shells and empty bottles all alone.  Not too far from my right foot.   Interesting huh?   Before I could devise a cunning plan the dude staggered back.  He stood for a moment pondering through a fruity Margarita haze about what was missing from his new home base there in my little section of boardwalk.   He gazed blearily up at me, blinking because the sun was at my back, wondering where his besotted lady friend was.  The band had been joined by "Barefoot Skinny."   The guitar player slid his way to the third chorus of Folsom Prison in a very thick Spanish accent.   "...yest tooo wach hieem dieee..."  My mind wondered to thoughts of whether the RF energy of those speakers would affect Skinnys pacemaker visibly protruding beneath the skin exposed by his unbuttoned oxford shirt.   I glared down resentfully at the drunk guy before gesturing toward his girlfriend who was by now lying on her side burying a pathetic pile of pink vomit with sand beside her tan plastic lounge chair.   He shrugged at me and staggered over to her, collapsing in the lounger next to hers for a little nap.  While he slept she alternated building a 3 foot high pink barf castle and tending to her shredded, bloody shins with sand covered fingers.

I like it here.

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