Monday, August 23, 2010

Pitching a tent

Have you seen the new Cialis commercial?   It starts out pretty normal but quickly turns into an old fashioned, heavy duty, acid trip.   Not that cosmetic junk that just kind of made soft glows around the edges of things and rainbows over headlights and street lamps.  Or the product of incomplete synthesis hastily made in some basement washtub desperate dealers would try to pass off as mescaline.   Whoever created this commercial must have found an old stash of sugar cubes or Orange Sunshine Microdots.  Now, I have no personal experience with any illegal substances but my friend did a mess of that stuff, all the time, and told me about it.   

Everything goes all surreal right after the guy lays eyes on the widely grinning female.  The voice over is hawking the pill.   "When the moment is right..." croons the announcer in soothing, confident, dulcet tones, "you can be ready."   That's when the visual fun starts.  The video becomes slightly cartoonish.   It isn't too weird as to be completely like a claymation movie but enough that you can tell it's not real.  

The background then begins to all shift and smoothly slide around.   A  cabin appears then sort of unfolds and dissolves into the suddenly absorbent ground.  In its place is... a tent.  Get it?   The guy is pitching a tent!  The tent pole is plainly visible where the door of the little house was only seconds before.  As the breeze slightly parts the entrance of the tent more things get melty and begin growing from and retreating into the lush green strands of the surface.   Bridges appear and arch spans a sparking stream which is obviously flowing uphill. Trees and grass blossom and grow before our eyes as the happy couple walk hand in hand over the hobbit terrain out of the frame and directly to the twin bathtubs which have become the trade scene for this product.   

Why are they in separate tubs?  Is the message here that boner pills should be mixed with some four-way window pane?  Why does she look so happy, thankful and relieved 12 seconds before anything goes on?   Why the bath?   Maybe she looks like a glazed donut considering the powerful psychedelic properties of this new wonder drug and needs to rinse.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Stranded at home?

The motorhome is at the hospital.   We bought the extended warranty and plan to use it.   This traumatic action is prompted by the refrigerator recall.  So, as long as we are taking it back to the dealer we might as well get the rest of our little problems fixed at the same time.   

The effect of not having a place to get out of the sun, eat lunch or just watch a little TV while at camp has had a terrible effect on me.   Only one place to live?  No diesel powered 3 TV man cave?  Camp has become a really great place to get away.   The maintenance there is about zero.   Every once in a while I spray the gravel with round up to murder anything that might be sprouting.  It is fun to gather a few sticks which have fallen from the trees and burn them in the fire pit our friends gave us.  Once a week or so somebody has to walk around to pull the lever which drains the holding tanks into the stinky slinky RV sewer. 

The Red Castor Bean plant is starting to erupt into a very wild looking piece of vegetation.   They are having a nice party Saturday and another one on Labor Day.   
Maybe even a showing of Rocky Horror on the fence between the indoor pool and the tennis court.   Who knows, we might even watch RHPS from our own golf cart.

Basically nothing is happening.  Yet...