Thursday, December 30, 2010

Incident in Playacar

At about 7:37 this morning we were catching up on the news. FOX is all we can get in Mexico so it's only one side of everything. I was enjoying some delicious, nutritious, breakfast pastries in the kitchen and looking at FaceBook. P was sipping her coffee con crema on the couch and commenting on a story about a ski lift collapse in Maine. The doors to the three balconies and the warm Caribbean breeze was gently flowing through the condo whisking away all remnants of our unseasonably cold weather from the last few days.

Suddenly P let out a shriek and leaped to her feet. A micro second later a combination of sounds assaulted the morning still of our tropical retreat. The bedroom door, caught by the breeze, had slammed shut on the last 1 1/2 inch of a Siamese cat's tail. He spun his wheels to free himself but left a sizable hunk of fur remaining in the door. Siamese has retreated under the bed to recoup his dignity and to adjust to what I believe to be a permanent crook in his rearmost appendage.