Friday, May 7, 2010

Screwed by THE Mouse

We are getting ready to drive the camper to Florida.  I made reservations at Walt Disney World Resort from Playa.    It really was a great deal.   After shopping for different dates when the park attendance was low we found low rates.  We got; 6 nights in the Walt Disney World Campground at a deluxe campsite, 6 day Park Hopper tickets with 2 quick serve meals and two snacks apiece for each of those 6 days and a Disney version of a Bubba Keg.  On top of all that they promised a $500 cash card to use inside the park.  We could buy meals, booze, t-shirts or rent a Segway and ride around!   The invoice showed all this listed for $1200.   Now that's a good deal.         

The next morning I checked the reservations to show P the great deal I got from Disney World web site.   But they were different!   I called (from Mexico) to get the facts about that.   The guy at Disney Reservations told me that in order to receive the $500 cash card we had to reserve 6 days in the park.   It was the same price as the package I ordered from last night so I readily agreed.   About 10 minutes later the second confirmation e-mail was delivered.  

Of course it was not to be.  Somewhere between Mexico and Philly they decided I was getting too good of a deal and they sent Tinkerbells friend Turd-kerbell to see me.   That's right, the Shit Fairy visited my little section of Disney reservation land.   Those dirty bastards changed my reservations.    So I called up and talked to Moniquea or somebody.   She insisted that I had made reservations for a cabin and denied that the guy who guaranteed me a $500 cash card even existed, no less talked to me.  even if he did promise me a half a grand he "Was just talking."   

Okay stay calm,  I tried not to go all New Jersey on her and just hung up.   I looked on line at my Verizon Wireless bill.   There was a 16 minute call to Disney!   Right in my e-mail were the two (2) confirmation receipts.   So I looked on line to see who would be the person to best handle this Cluster Fuck of Confusion.   I wrote a very polite letter to Meg Crofton, President of Walt Disney World Resort and mailed it to her office.   I had a copy of the phone bill, a copy of the legal paper I use for a phone log, printouts of each confirmation and the invoice showing exactly what I was getting ripped off.  

Three days later some Goofy (get it?) bitch calls me.   She is calling from Meg Crofton's office and wants me to explain the problem to her.   "Don't you have my letter?"   She did have it and she assured me that her reading skills were above average.   "I want you to honor this reservation."   She launched into a detailed oratory of her extensive knowledge of the inner workings of  Disney's reservation system.   She said that the guy I (never) talked to "didn't have the authority to offer" me a great deal like that and he only dealt with dining reservations.   So she knew who promised me the package!!!!   Here comes the Jersey.. "So what."   She sucked air, "Excuse me?"    I explained that "He offered it to me and I bought it  and now I want it and, I have a receipt."   She went off again, her lilting voice repeating her memorized operation policy and saying some other wild crap about the offer never should have been extended to guests of the campground and the grass is green and the sky is blue and fish swim and... That's when she got it, "Cancel."   
She asked "What?"   
"You heard me."   And just then, through no fault of my own, the one phrase I had been consciously trying to avoid came rolling out of my mouth,  "Fuggetaboudit."   
"You want to cancel your reservation?  For only $1467.09 more you could have everything you wanted except for the gift card."
  The flood gates opened, it was all down hill from here.   "Okay, you don't read too good, now you got trouble hearing too?  We . are . not . coming.  Gimme back my money."
She was shocked  "You want to cancel?
"Hey are you stoopit?"   I sounded like Rocky Balboa to myself now,  "Look Muffie, We . are . not . comin', got that?"
She indicated that this time my message had gotten through.  She seemed amazed.  It was completely out of her paradigm that somebody would blow off DisneyWorld.   Do they often more than double the price of a vacation and get away with it?

I didn't tell her to get f#^(ed or anything like that, she had a six hundred dollar deposit and i want it back.


  1. Ah.... you Jeresy boys! Whatya meen u didn't tell her to take the vacation and shove it up her .... butt! I guess south philly bitches are better at speaking our minds.

  2. My girlfriend got a sunburn in Epcot, her own fault, and we went to the first aid station for some aloe.

    They apologized for the sun and gave us a $200 disney gift card so that her sunburn would not ruin our vacation.

    Maybe your personality has something to do with this.

    I'm not kidding either, google it. It's all over the web. They give people free gift cards for getting dehydrated, scraping knees, sunburns, even for resorts being booked...they seem pretty reasonable to me.

  3. My personality!? Anonymous, you don't know me. We were very nice but they just blew us off completely. I may still have copies of the paperwork. Want to see it?


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